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WebApp PenTesting

What Is The Difference Between GWAPT and OSWE Penetration Testing Certifications

GWAPT and OSWE are among the top certifications in security and are mainly built for penetration testers. Let's look at the differences between the two...

Awesome Free Hacking Tool for Red Teams and Pentesters

Lets check out this awesome free hacking tool which can be extremely useful for red teams and pentesters during their penetration testing or red...

A List of Tools to Help you Detect the Log4j Vulnerability

How can you detect the Log4j zero day vulnerability (known as Log4shell)? Here’s a list of FREE Log4j vulnerability scanner tools. Amazon Inspector and AWS The Amazon...

Build a Penetration Testing Lab on a Raspberry Pi with DVWA

Build a PenTest Lab on a Raspberry Pi with DVWA

Find Web Server Vulnerabilities With Nikto

What is Nikto Nikto is an open source scanner capable of scanning for over 6700 items to detect any misconfigurations on web servers like Apache,...

Free and Essential Security Tools You Should Already Be Using

Whether you are on the offensive or the defensive side of cybersecurity, there are open-source tools that are free to use and are essential...