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The Canadian Clampdown on Flipper Zero: A Move Against Auto Theft

In a decisive step aimed at curbing the escalating wave of car thefts, the Canadian government has set its sights on banning Flipper Zero,...

HPE Hacked by Russian Group Following Microsoft Email Breach

An Intrusion in the Cloud: HPE's Email System Compromised Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), a titan in the realm of enterprise technology, encountered a formidable cyber...

SEC Blames SIM Swapping and Lack of MFA for X Account Hijacking

Overview of the Incident On a seemingly regular day in early January, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a bastion of financial regulation, faced...

Microsoft Executive Emails Hacked by Russian Intelligence Group

Microsoft disclosed a significant breach in its email system. This incident, orchestrated by Nobelium, a Russian intelligence group, targeted the software giant’s highest echelons,...

Sophisticated Email Spoofing Attack Results in Multi-Million Dollar Theft from US Health Department

In a notable cybersecurity breach, hackers executed a complex spoofing attack on the US Department of Health and Human Services, defrauding the agency of...

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