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News and articles on penetration testing and offensive security

WikiLoader: New Malware-as-a-Service Targets Italian Organizations

Italian organizations are facing a significant threat from a phishing campaign unleashed by threat actors deploying a potent new malware called WikiLoader. This insidious...

NodeStealer 2.0: Cryptocurrency Wallets and Facebook Business Accounts Under Siege

A discovery by Palo Alto Network Unit 42 has brought to light an advanced phishing campaign involving the NodeStealer 2.0, a Python variant of...

Spyware App Compromised Over 60,000 Android Devices to Steal Sensitive Data

A dangerous spyware application called "Spyhide" has targeted and compromised over 60,000 Android devices worldwide, allowing the attackers to steal sensitive data from unsuspecting...

Millions Vanish As Alphapo Hot Wallets Hacked

On July 22, a staggering $31 million was stealthily siphoned from Alphapo's hot wallets on the Ethereum blockchain. While the extent of Bitcoin theft...

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