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Monthly Archives: November, 2021

Find Web Server Vulnerabilities With Nikto

What is Nikto Nikto is an open source scanner capable of scanning for over 6700 items to detect any misconfigurations on web servers like Apache,...

How to Secure Your Zoom Meetings

Increasingly more people are remote working and many are using the videoconferencing platforms for meetings and training. There is a range of virtual conference...

Enhanced Automated Vulnerability Management for Cloud Workloads Announced by AWS

Newly added capabilities for the Amazon Inspector service will meet the "critical need to detect and remediate at speed" in order to secure cloud workloads.

Google Warns for Hacked Cloud Accounts Used for Crypto Mining

The recently launched Google Cybersecurity Action Team (GCAT) provided specific insights, such as when malicious hackers exploit improperly-secured cloud instances to download cryptocurrency mining...

Information Security Black Friday Deals You Should Grab Now

Many information security black friday deals you should grab right now, if you are a professional, a student, a researcher, or just a curious...

Discover Subdomains During A Penetration Testing Engagement

During an external penetration test, and especially if it is a black-box engagement, one of the most important steps is the discovery of subdomains...

Apple sues company known for hacking iPhones

Apple sues company known for hacking iPhones on behalf of governments. An Israeli firm called NSO Group, provided software to government agencies and law...

More than Half of Organizations Are Not Effectively Defending Against Cyberattacks

According to a recent Accenture study, more than half of organizations are not effectively defending against cyberattacks. 55% of large companies are not effectively stopping...

Researcher Publishes Exploit Affecting All Windows Versions

Researcher Publishes Exploit Affecting All Windows Versions

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