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Russia’s State TV Hacked: Millions Told “The Hour Of Reckoning Has Come” – In Ukrainian

Russian leader Vladimir Putin faced a significant blow as his State TV channel fell victim to a humiliating primetime hack.

The hack sent shockwaves across millions of viewers, delivering a powerful message that declared “the hour of reckoning has come.” This unprecedented breach occurred when cyber forces managed to infiltrate the network, enabling the broadcast of a video created by Ukraine’s defense ministry. As the footage showcased Ukraine’s military advancements, it abruptly transitioned to an on-screen warning, delivered in Ukrainian.

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A Bold Cyber Intrusion Sends a Message

Amidst the sprawling Russian media landscape, hackers seized a pivotal moment to breach multiple channels, ensuring their message reached far and wide. The Sun, a prominent UK publication, revealed that the video originated from Ukraine’s defense ministry. By skillfully leveraging this breach, the hackers presented a visual narrative that emphasized Ukraine’s military prowess, captivating audiences before delivering their resounding declaration: “the hour of reckoning has come.”

Chaos Unleashed as State TV Faces Dual Threats

The hackers’ audacity did not stop at the broadcasted video. Simultaneously, other channels faced similar intrusions, amplifying the chaos and exposing the vulnerability of Russia’s media infrastructure.

Adding to the turmoil, Russian State TV encountered an alarming situation when an envelope containing white powder arrived at the station. Concerns of poisoning immediately arose, leading to the evacuation of six staff members. These threats only intensified the sense of urgency surrounding the hack.

A Troubling Pattern Emerges

This recent incident is not the first time Russia has fallen victim to high-profile hacks.

Just a few months prior, in June, a deepfake video featuring Putin emerged, purporting to announce the imposition of martial law in response to a supposed Ukrainian incursion.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed that the “emergency appeal” was indeed a hack. Assurances were given by officials that such breaches would not recur.

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