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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Microsoft Offers Free Cybersecurity Service Protection to Healthcare Staff

Microsoft AccountGuard

Recently numerous hospitals became the target of cyber attacks both in Europe and the United States. Microsoft decided to offer its security service AccountGuard for free to healthcare staff as well as human rights and humanitarian organizations.

Microsoft’s Corporate VP Tom Burt thanked workers for their heroic work during the pandemic:

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“Their work is challenging enough but is being made more difficult by cyberattacks, now or in the future,” he wrote. “Some attacks, such as the one on Brno University Hospital, have resulted in delays in COVID-19 testing, new patients being turned away and treatments being postponed. Others, such as the attack in Illinois, have held up access to critical COVID-19-related healthcare guidance.”

Starting this week, AccountGuard will be available without any cost to “healthcare providers including hospitals, care facilities, clinics, labs and clinicians providing front line services as well as pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical devices companies that are researching, developing and manufacturing COVID-19-related treatments”.

– Tom Burt

“AccountGuard is available to organizations using Office 365 for business email and extends additional security to the personal accounts of their front line workers who use Microsoft’s consumer email services such as Outlook.com and Hotmail.”

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