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iPhones Crashing From Simple Text Messages

iPhones Crashing From Simple Text Messages

The latest Apple mobile OS version iOS 13.4.1 has a text bomb bug that forces the device (Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad) to crash after receiving an app notification containing a certain string of characters. Interestingly, the characters are in the Sindhi language while the text sometimes includes a flag emoji.

iPhones Crashing From Simple Text Messages


When an iOS device receives this notification from an app, which could be any app including Messages app, WhatsApp, or other social media apps like Twitter, containing this particular string of text, the device starts malfunctioning.

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There are reports that the devices freeze and everything even the physical buttons become unresponsive. The device eventually crashes after a while.

You can see the bug in action in this tweet.


Details of where this text string originated are somewhat unclear, but the original source seems to have been a Telegram group.


Unfortunately, at the moment there is no fix to this strange bug. The only thing you can do is disable notifications to avoid this event in case someone sends you this message.


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