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Monthly Archives: September, 2023

Data Transformation: Impact of Security Governance and Compliance

Data transformation occurs when raw data changes format, values, structure, or cleansing for human and computer interpretation to support organizational decision-making. Data risk and regulatory...

The Most Common Azure Security Misconfigurations

The rise of cloud environment usage especially Microsoft Azure, has also brought new challenges for CISOs and security professionals. Following best practices will help...

Understanding Security Risks in PDF Files

PDFs have become a universal format for sharing documents. However, threat actors have also recognized their potential as a vector for cyberattacks. In this...

Security Does Not Have To Be Expensive: Open-Source Tools for the Security Operation Center (SOC)

Tools don't make a good engineer, but a good engineer can become great with the right tools. Companies usually don't have the budget to establish...

29 Essential Tools Every InfoSec Professional Must Know

In the realm of information security and cybersecurity, having the right tools can make all the difference. In this article, we'll introduce you to...

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