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Monthly Archives: July, 2020

PenTest Reports That Bring Value to your Customer

Penetration testing is an activity which is meant to help the business take the appropriate actions to secure their systems from malicious actors. For...

The Basics of IT Security Audit

An IT security audit is an evaluation of the security of a company's information systems by measuring how well they conform to a set...

US Secret Service: Rise in hacks of managed service providers (MSPs)

The US Secret Service sent out a security alert last month to the US private sector and government organizations warning about an increase in...

Types of Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

What is a MITM Attack Man In The Middle (MITM) are common attacks that allow attackers to "listen" to communication between two parties. When two...

Famous mobile apps are spying on you!

During the last few weeks there have been several occasions where famous and widely used mobile applications have been caught on spying on your...

Compliance Does Not Equal Security

It is important to understand that being compliant does not necessarily mean that your organization is secure. You need to understand why and how security...

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