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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Bug Bounty

Microsoft Launches Bug Bounty Program for AI-Powered Bing: Earn up to $15,000 for Reporting Vulnerabilities

In a proactive move to bolster the security of its innovative AI-powered Bing platform, Microsoft has unveiled a dedicated bug bounty program. This initiative...

Chrome Security Update: 17 New Security Fixes

Google has published a security update for Chrome, updating the Stable channel for Mac and Linux to 115.0.5790.170 and 115.0.5790.170/.171 for Windows.  The release of...

Google Pixel Phone Lock Bypass

Security researcher David Schütz, discovered a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to unlock any Google Pixel phone without knowing its passcode! This finding...

A 19 Year Old Hacker Received $4,500 Bug Bounty for an Easy-To-Exploit Vulnerability

A high impact privacy bug was found in Facebook's Android application by a young bug bounty hunter. The 19 year old hacker received a...

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