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Friday, March 1, 2024

Indian government hack exposes 80,000 coronavirus patients’ data

Kerala Cyber Warriors allegedly targeted Delhi government servers to highlight security pitfalls

Indian hackers claim to have accessed more than 80,000 coronavirus patients’ healthcare records that were insecurely stored on government servers.

The group, which calls itself Kerala Cyber Warriors, announced on Facebook that it had gained access to the Delhi State Mission website “in less than 10 minutes”.

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Its members claim to have accessed sensitive data including patients’ names, addresses, phone numbers, Covid-19 test results, and passport details.

The group also discovered “multiple” backdoors in the server, some of which they removed.

The spokesperson added: “These were planted in March. We are not sure who planted these backdoors.”

Kerala Cyber Warriors says it targeted the government’s health ministry to expose security shortcomings after becoming dissatisfied with Delhi’s approach towards healthcare.

They posted a video online outlining their issues with how the government has responded to the pandemic.

The Delhi government has yet to respond to the claims. However, the group said the server was taken down 47 minutes after they reported the issue.

Once the website was taken offline, the group shared screenshots of the data it claims to have accessed as “proof” of its exploits.

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