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Hackers Breach Ferrari and NBA’s Data Systems


Data breaches are becoming increasingly common, with many companies falling victim to the sophisticated tactics of cybercriminals. Recently, Ferrari and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have joined the list of companies that have suffered data breaches.

Ferrari’s Data Breach


The luxury car maker, Ferrari, announced that some of their systems had been compromised by hackers, leading to a data breach. The company immediately removed the compromised servers from their network and began remediation efforts. Ferrari has notified its customers that their personal information, such as names, addresses, email contacts, and telephone numbers, may have been accessed.

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Fortunately, the hackers did not access sensitive details like payment information or bank account numbers of the customers.

The hackers demanded a ransom, but the amount was not disclosed. Ferrari is currently conducting an investigation into the breach.

NBA’s Data Breach


The NBA announced that some of their data stored on the servers of a third-party newsletter service had been accessed and stolen by hackers from a known ransomware gang. The good news is that the hackers did not obtain any fan credentials or their details.

The NBA has advised its customers to be vigilant as they may receive phishing emails or other cyber scams. The organization has also hired a third-party forensic service to investigate the incident.

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