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United States increases Cybersecurity funding to address increasingly pervasive cyber-attacks

Increases in cybersecurity funding come as the Biden administration focuses on boosting preventive measures, improving information sharing between government agencies and private sector companies, and pushing agencies to adopt a so-called zero-trust posture that assumes anyone accessing a computer network could be a threat.

Huge funding for the Department of Defence and CISA

The House of Representatives finished marking up a dozen spending bills for fiscal 2023 that would altogether provide at least $15.6 billion for cybersecurity efforts across federal departments and agencies.

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The allocation of the funds will be:

  • Department of Defence (DoD) – 11.2 billion
  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) – 2.9 billion

CISA to increase its threat-hunting capabilities

The extra money appropriated for CISA would go toward key services it provides to other federal agencies, including continuous diagnostics and mitigation, endpoint detection, and other cyber services as part of the agency’s National Cybersecurity Protection System, Gann said.

More ways to collaborate with CISA

With the $11.2 billion for the Pentagon’s cybersecurity efforts, lawmakers also asked the department, which has the largest number of cyber experts in the federal government, to study ways to collaborate more with CISA.

Lawmakers asked the Defense secretary to coordinate with CISA to “provide supplementary support” in cases in which the civilian agency is responding to intrusions from Russia and China, a growing problem.

Prevent increasingly pervasive cyber-attacks

The “dramatic investments in our nation’s cyber infrastructure” are intended “to prevent increasingly pervasive cyber-attacks,” House Appropriations Chair Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., said in a statement.  

“I think for the fiscal year 2023, CISA will be in a good position to ramp up its service provider capabilities and increase its threat hunting capabilities — which is a big initiative — and clearly implement things in meeting the executive order,” Gann said.

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