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Enumerate and Capture Website Files Metadata

Many organizations are uploading files on their websites like pdf, word and excel without being aware that they are exposing sensitive information. This information is hidden in the metadata of these files. We will look into a tool called Goblyn which is freely available and you canenumerate and capture website files metadata with it.

Whats is Goblyn?

Goblyn is a tool focused to enumeration and capture of website files metadata.

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How does it work?

Goblyn will search for active directories in the website and so enumerate the files, if it find some file it will get the metadata of file.

Install Gobly

  1. Download the repository and run:
    sudo python3 setup.py install
  2. Download the exiftool
    sudo apt install exiftool
  3. Run it!
    sudo goblyn [OPTIONS]

Example of Use

sudo goblyn -t http://fma.if.usp.br/~amsilva/Livros/ -wl C:\Users\Lsy\Desktop\common.txt --file-types=pdf,docx,png

Why are metadata important?

Files contain metadata which are basically information about other data e.g. information about the document itself such as names, emails, creation/modification dates, software, location information etc.

This kind of information could be useful in a penetration testing assignment, where during the reconnaissance phase you can easily collect valuable information about your client/company.

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