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Monthly Archives: January, 2021

Even the smartest people get hacked

British Mensa, the society for people with high IQs, failed to properly secure the passwords on its website, prompting a hack on its website...

Apple iOS 14 Introduces “BlastDoor” to Prevent Execution of Malicious Code

BlastDoor works by parsing all the data contained in an iMessage in a secure sandbox, isolated from the rest of the operating system. By...

U.S. Wireless Carrier with 4.9 Million Customers Hacked

USCellular, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the USA with 4.9 million customers has been hacked. Retail store's employee were scammed into downloading software on...

What is a “Zero-Day” Exploit

What is a Zero-Day Exploit, what is the timeline of a zero-day attack, examples of zero-day attacks and ways to defend your organization.

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