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The Most Common Azure Security Misconfigurations

The rise of cloud environment usage especially Microsoft Azure, has also brought new challenges for CISOs and security professionals. Following best practices will help...

Hackers Using Azure and AWS to Spread RATs

Researchers from Cisco Talos Intelligence found that hackers are using public cloud providers like Azure and AWS to spread RATs. These cloud services allow them...

New Azure AD Bug Allows Attackers Brute-Force Passwords

An unpatched security weakness in Azure Active Directory might be leveraged by attackers to conduct undetected brute-force attacks, according to security researchers. SecureWorks says...

Microsoft Offers $100,000 to Hack their Linux OS

WHAT IS AZURE SPHERE Azure Sphere is a secured, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for internet-connected devices. It comprises a secured,...

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